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Kthrones is a world wide supplier in the arena of Aluminium Plates,Acrylic works,Signange Boards,Keychain & Gift Cards,Paper Bags,Footwear and handicraft.

We do Supplying our products in a large scale quantity with budgetary price.To ensure the quality of products we follow micro level analyisis in the production and using higher grade raw material available in market. Customized product supplying as per the customer need is the speciality of us and that helps our customers to be distinct from others.

Kthrones international also specialize in buying and shipping of goods from foreign markets and supplying to indianor GCC domestic market where local small scale sellers or companies will get the benefit of avoiding the risk like quality assurance,transportation process etc.


Akai trade center building
Near Primary health center, Kundayithode
Kolathara Po, Kozhikode - 673655 EMAIL :mail@kthrones.com

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